International Startup
Osaka/Kansai Promotion Support Program

Osaka Springboard is a program that assists international startups with entering the Osaka/Kansai region, offering two main forms of support.

The first is the provision of individual business consulting and legal advice for entering the Osaka/Kansai region, as well as other areas of Japan. We provide support with specialists who can do everything from providing introductions to Osaka administrative support services to guidance on the startup visa process.

In the second, we provide business matching (individual business meetings) with Japanese businesses.

Leveraging a network of startup organizations that work with the Osaka Innovation Hub (OIH), we match products and services from groundbreaking startups with the needs of Japanese businesses. While supporting efforts at both market and business development in Osaka, we provide opportunities to collaborate with Japanese businesses in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe) and create new businesses. We arrange individual meetings between Japanese businesses and international startups supported by OIH, connecting them with the aforementioned specialists as necessary. Additionally, Osaka Springboard provides information on a range of organizations, events, and programs that support startups in the Kansai region. Take advantage of the broad range of networks and international events available in Osaka and the Kansai area to do business in Osaka!

Who Can Use It?

Overseas startups
(for companies less than 10 years old and willing to be based in Osaka)
*Companies with offices in Japan other than Osaka are also eligible.
Support Type
Individual Support
Business consultation/advice
Legal consultation/advice
Introduction to Osaka administrative support services
Guidance on the startup visa process
Business Matching
Online meetings with Japanese businesses
To Japanese Companies
Discover innovative products and services from overseas startups!

We hope that the business matching with globally active startups will create an opportunity to develop new business ideas and establish co-creator partnerships.

If you are interested in past overseas startups or companies that participated in an event, please contact the Osaka Innovation Hub.

Program Duration

July 20, 2023 to February 29, 2024
Please use the "International Startup Application Form" to apply to participate in the program.

Individual Support Specialists

Business Consultation
Tadamichi Hirai
平井 忠道
for the world LCC
Representative Executive Officer
Worked as an engineer for a large foreign robotics manufacturer, in industrial machinery sales at a Japanese trading company, and in sales for a foreign materials manufacturer where he handled solution sales for customers ranging from small- and medium-sized businesses to large companies, focusing on manufacturing. Later, he oversaw planning, designing, and running open innovation programs at accelerators in Japan. Additionally, he works at a consulting firm that promotes cross-border co-creation where he helps international startups gain entry to the Japanese market and is experienced in everything from strategy development to conception and evaluation of ideas specifically tailored to the Japanese market.
Legal Advice/Consultation
Naoki Yokomuro
横室 直樹
Uruma General Law Office
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University and from Kyoto University Law School. Worked at a law firm in Kyoto before moving to work at Line, Inc., where he was responsible for legal affairs for new ventures. Currently works at the Uruma General Law Office, where he focuses on collaborations between listed companies and startups, and on legal affairs for new business ventures. Auditor at Kotaeru Trust Co., Ltd., a business that handles trust-type stock options (2021 to present).
Introduction to Osaka Administrative Support Services
Thanh Trung Pham
Osaka International Business Promotion Center (IBPC Center)
Chief of International Section, Business Recruitment and Overseas Business Planner
Born in Vietnam. Educated in the United States and Australia, holding a Master’s degree in Business. Has operational experience with numerous manufacturers. Tasked with investment promotion, he supports businesses from overseas in entering the markets in Osaka and in Japan as a whole. With global experience and a deep understanding of Japanese culture, Thanh Trung Pham offers proposals on the most effective ways for overseas businesses to begin doing business in Japan, as well as suggestions on life in Japan from the perspective of a foreigner living there.
Introduction to Osaka Administrative Support Services
Nagisa Matsuba
松葉 渚
Osaka International Business Promotion Center (IBPC Center)
International Section, Business Recruitment and Overseas Business Planner
Born in Osaka. Since 2017, Nagisa Matsuba has been involved in efforts to attract businesses to Osaka and support foreign companies to establish themselves in the city. She has helped many companies start doing business in Osaka. She likes to watch baseball.

Partner Institutions

Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
A comprehensive economic organization representing the Osaka-Kansai region with over 30,000 members. It helps member companies grow and develop within the region through various activities.
An organization jointly established by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the Osaka Institute of Technology with the aim of solving problems and creating new businesses through open innovation and fostering human resources through industry-academia collaboration.
International Business Promotion Center OSAKA
An Osaka City organization that aims to strengthen trade, industry, and communication between Osaka and other cities in Asia and around the world.
A website that supports companies and universities considering establishing themselves or investing in the city of Osaka. The site provides useful information on the investment environment and appeal of Osaka, business areas and urban development projects, as well as support for those wishing to expand into Osaka.
A consultation service for overseas startups. They offer comprehensive support that helps connect all necessary parties and promote the startup for smooth entry into Japan.
A members-only workplace based in Osaka/Kansai that supports startups aiming to launch new businesses. It provides coworking spaces and private offices, as well as various support services such as opportunities to meet with possible new business partners.

Event Information

Global Innovation Forum Osaka
An international exhibition and business conference in Osaka, organized by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and the Osaka Business and Investment Center (OBIC).
Hack Osaka
An international innovation conference that is held in Osaka City once a year. Various innovators such as entrepreneurs, investors, large corporations, and students gather to pitch their ideas and take part in exhibitions.

Overseas Startups That Have Participated in the Past