– Meet with Taiwan Startups! Healthcare edition –

Pitch event and Business matching by Taiwanese startups active in the healthcare fields!

Following last year's event, Startup Island Taiwan, a Taiwanese startup support organization, is coming to Osaka with a group of globally active startups! This time, we will focus on Taiwanese startups in the healthcare field.

This event offers a great meetup for Japanese companies that see new business opportunities in co-creating with overseas startups, and for invenstors, VCs and CVCs looking for investment opportunities!

We are welcome corporations, venture capitalists, and anyone else who is interested in innovation!

Event Summary

Date and time
July 3rd Wed. 14:30~17:00(JST)
Hybrid events

【Venue】Osaka Innovation Hub

7F Knowledge Capital Tower C, Grand
Front Osaka, Ofuka-cho 3-1, Kita-ku, Osaka

【Online】Zoom webinar

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【Participants at venue】30 persons
*Close as soon as we reach the capacity of the people, priority will be given to the following people:
・Large and medium-sized companies(Japanese companies interested in overseas startups that are considering business collaboration with startups)
・Investors, VCs, CVCs, and financial institutions

【Online viewing】No limit
English and Japanese (no simultaneous interpreting)
Application Deadline
Must be submitted by 12:00 pm on Thursday June 27th,2024
Collaborator and partner

Program Schedule

July 3rd Wed.
14:30 - 17:00(JST)
Opening remarks
Startup Pitches(4 companies) *5 minutes per company
Startup Pitches(5 companies)
Introducton of IBPC Osaka Administrative Support
Xport(Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)Program Introduction
Closing remarks
【16:15-17:00 Networking】*Venue participants only

Businesses Presenting

Detailed materials of the 9 companies
LE Biomedical Corp.
LEBM, Taiwan Tech Arena(TTA)’s innovative medical device startup. 1st ISO18184 antiviral nonwoven in Asia. Products: advanced PPE & functional contact lenses. In 2024.06 entered semi-finals of the 1st "Generative AI Innovative Application Contest" by National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) , Taiwan.
QT Medical, Inc.
Primarily engaged in medical-grade 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) systems, QT Medical is dedicated to telemedicine, AI diagnostics and home care innovation, providing revolutionary solutions for healthcare professionals and people with heart conditions by enabling them to manage their heart health anytime, anywhere. The flagship model PCA500 is FDA, CE Mark and TFDA certified. Applications include medical offices, clinics, nursing homes, home care, commercial aviation, and various telemedicine markets for cardiovascular disease care.
Asia Pathogenomics Co., Ltd.
Provides professional services to medical institutions with APGSEQ®, a testing service based on metagenomics next-generation sequencing (mNGS) technology. Certified by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare's Laboratory for Clinical Development (LDT) as the first and only TFDA-certified clinical mNGS testing service in Taiwan, APGSEQ® benefits include the detection of over 27,000 pathogens including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites and the ability to provide test reports within 24 to 48 hours. The detection rate is an additional 62% higher and superior to conventional detection of microbial pathogens. Its superior detection capabilities enable physicians to make early and precise clinical pathogen detection decisions and provide better patient care.
CancerFree Biotech
The company has a special technology that enables the replication of circulating cancer cells in the bloodstream.
The company has a special technology that enables the replication of circulating cancer cells in the bloodstream. This makes it possible to test cancer drugs in the laboratory against the avatars of cancer cells and suggest the most suitable cancer drugs for each patient.
Transgene Biotechnology Company, Ltd
(Extensive experience in sleep medicine clinical services)
1. the only company in Taiwan with a presence in 8 medical centers and a “Sleep Disorders Management Agreement”.
2. the team has more than 15 years of clinical experience in sleep medicine
3. the main operator of the “Healthy Sleep Data Business Ecosystem” designated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.
4. selected as the only designated sleep health consultation service company in the 5G medical platform of Far East Tone, the largest telemedicine platform in Taiwan.

(International Certification Center for Sleep Management)
Training and accreditation organization for the qualification of “Sleep Rehabilitation Managers” in the UK. Supporting training of sleep health managers at various hospitals and clinics.

(Core technology with patents)
Developed the “MindUP腦 Awakening Training +” Healthy Sleep Digital Assistance System based on over 15 years of clinical service experience. This digital system differs from common market testing tools in that the “MindUP 腦醒訓練+” system provides monitoring tools and services, including a digital platform, whereas common wearable devices only measure physiological data.
AeproMED Innovation Corp.,Ltd.
Innovating healthcare through personalized medicine with state-of-the-art aerosol technology and integrated biosignal detection.
Founded in July 2020 and certified as a high-risk startup company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Taiwan, the founding team all graduated from prestigious schools in Taiwan and abroad and have many years of industrial experience. The vision of the company is to provide smart medical products and services to senior citizen homes and medical institutions through the integration of IoT equipment and the computation of AI data. The company aims to reduce the stress of front-line clinical staff and increase the quality of medical care with the introduction of new technologies.
MedFluid Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2019 by microfluidics and microbiology experts. Developed a microfluidics-based point-of-care testing system to perform all-in-one laboratory tests in the field, from pets to the environment. The portable analyzer, which incorporates a patented microfluidic cartridge, can provide rapid molecular diagnostics as well as rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing. This portable analyzer is suitable for field use and provides rapid and accurate results.
dentall Co., Ltd.
Founded in Taiwan in 2016, its core goal is to improve the oral health of all people through the use of technology. Its main services include dentallHiS cloud clinic management system, dental material procurement platform, dental training courses, and medical management consulting. dentallHiS aims to enhance clinical diagnosis through AI and launch the next generation dental insurance system.

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